Polyvia RHD
- Sealing
- Seepage protection
- Surface protection
- Abrasion protection
- Corrosion protection
- Roof insulation and cleaning up
- Re-profiling
- Grounding
- Slip resistance
- Tendency to slide upon slipping
- Leakage current insulation
- Maritime applications

PURFLEX-X® – The innovation in the construction industry

PURFLEX-X® – the name represents an entire family of polyurea systems which provide a plus in efficiency more effectively over other comparable systems during and after installation.

They have different recipes – from PURFLEX-X® 10 to PURFLEX-X® 50 Grip F – which have been specially developed for your application. Therefore, in the construction industry, they are used where there are special requirements for building protection: in the industry, business, agriculture and water protection.

Therefore: Simply formulate your requirements, we deliver the solution.
And if you have questions, please feel free to call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our products:

>> PURFLEX-X® 10: Surface sealing
>> PURFLEX-X® 10 AB/JGS: Seepage protection for effluents and agriculture
>> PURFLEX-X® 10 WHG: Seepage protection in accordance with the German Federal Water Act
>> PURFLEX-X® S 15: Roof insulation and cleaning up
>> PURFLEX-X® 30 Rep F: For re-profiling industrial floors
>> PURFLEX-X® 35 G BR: Grounding of industrial surfaces up to - 5 °C
>> PURFLEX-X® 35 G F: Grounding of non-shiny wet surfaces
>> PURFLEX-X® 50 Grip F:For the slip resistance of industrial surfaces