Surface protection
 Polyurea systems
 Contaminated surfaces
- Corrosion protection on
  building sites

- Corrosion protection ex-works
- Corrosion protection and the

- Concrete repair and coating
- RHD-coatings
- RPR (inductive heating)
- HDW (high pressure water jetting)
- Electrostatic plastic coating (EKB)

Surface protection

Corrosion protection is an extremely diverse field of activity. This is why today the advice of Gustave Eiffel, the builder of the Eiffel Tower, that "the care devoted to painting is the only guarantee of its durability" is no longer enough. Different steels, different structural requirements and different weather conditions require a customised corrosion protection solution.

Therefore, already at the planning stage, we have to take into account many issues that are indispensable for an optimal implementation. We handle:

  • local conditions,
  • stress applied to the object,
  • selection of coating materials,
  • selection of the appropriate method for surface preparation,
  • scaffolding,
  • environmental protection measures,
  • disposal of blasting waste and old coatings, and
  • approval under the Federal Immission Control Act.

Tiefenbach stands for the combination of proven engineering skills with most advanced corrosion protection methods such as blasting, conveying, dust removal, filtering, conditioning and coating.